High School Graduation Caps and Gowns - Souvenir High School Regalia

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Each of our high school graduation cap and gown sets comes individually wrapped with a cap, gown, tassel, and year date on the tassel. Color choices for caps and gowns include white, gold, royal blue, light blue, gray, purple, black, navy and maroon/burgundy.

While academic caps and academic gowns are the same color, your graduation tassels do not have to be the same color as your caps and gowns. If you prefer, you may order a graduation tassel in a different color than your graduation cap & gown, or perhaps a two tone tassel.

For example, very often people will order royal blue gowns for boys; white gowns for girls, and a combination two-tone royal and white graduation tassel for both the boys' and the girl's cap and gown sets. This way the tassels reflect both the boys' and the girls' gown colors.

Select your gown style and color; and your tassel color; and the quantity you want to order. Prices

1 set = 1 person's cap/gown/tassel/year charm. Please note that cap and gown set prices shown above are per person. However the more sets you order, the less we charge per set.

Remember your honor accessories. Honor stoles and honor chords are available in stock in gold or can be special made in different colors.