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Welcome to
  Caps and Gowns NOW

Your Academic Regalia Superstore!

Click on the blue graduation mortarboard and tassel (on your left) from any page to return to the cap and gown home page.
Doctoral regalia

Pictured Above: Deluxe Ph.D. Gown
with Ph.D. blue velvet and Gold Piping

In a rush?

Need a cap and gown now?

At Caps and Gowns NOW, our name says it all!

We keep a large selection of traditional student highschool elementary school and kindergarten commencement regalia - graduation caps, graduation gowns, and tassels IN-STOCK year round, for quick delivery of your last minute emergencies.

Are you a faculty member tired of renting and rerenting each sememster? Looking for a quality doctoral gown, doctoral tam or graduation hood that will last!?

We offer fully custom made-to-measure gowns, our famous deluxe regalia (custom quality gowns at a fraction of the cost), faculty quality and traditional student graduation regalia, so we can handle all budgets and qualities desired.

At Caps and Gowns NOW Faculty members and students are assured of receiving academic regalia in accordance with traditional academic guidelines and good taste, whether it be a group order or an individual order.

With pleanty of stock PhD gowns, doctoral tams and academic hoods, count on us for your last minute emergencies!

Our selection includes K-12 (kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school) cap and gowns, plus bachelors, masters, and doctoral graduation gowns, hoods, mortarboards, and tassels.

Looking for a graduation gift or costume for your favorite student or teacher? We also offer accessories such as keychain tassels, honor stoles, honor chords, diploma covers and the like.

CapandGown / AcademicRegalia gift certificates are also available.

cap and gowncommencement regalia

Pre school graduation gowns, mortarboards and tassels

Kindergarten Graduation regalia

High school caps and gowns, honor chord, honor stole, academic tassels

High School Graduation Gowns. Honor chords, Honor Stole, Cap and Tassel




doctoral regalia
doctoral gown
PhD Gown and Academic Hood AcademicRegalia -- doctoral gown, tam, hood



masters gown
Master's Gown

Master's Hood




custom made doctoral gown

high school cap and gown



For more information about our doctoral regalia (doctoral gowns / academic hoods / doctoral tams) masters or bachelors cap and gown sets and other graduation items, click on the appropriate link (above or below), or e-mail us at      


Custom Made Doctoral and PhD GownsAcademic Tams and TasselsCap and Gown ordering information


Looking for an academic hood?

Visit our new academichood page for master's hoods, doctoral hoods, PhD hoods, etc.


academic hood

Custom Made Doctoral GownsAcademic TasselsCap and Gown ordering info


-- when you don't just need caps and gowns quickly
you need it now

visit capsandgownsnow .com


caps gown

CapandGown (capsandgownsnow) your academicregalia and capandgown superstore,
specializing in quality doctoral gowns, master's gowns, bachelor's gowns, academic hoods, and high school graduation regalia

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